Short Story Sunday #17

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Prompt: Send a person you dislike somewhere and have them send you a post card.

Start With: The post card arrived…

            The post card arrived in the mail today. I didn’t expect her to write anything to me. She was so far away, both mentally and physically. I figured I would be the last thing on her mind; I always was.

So when I noticed a postcard sitting surrounded by bills in my mailbox, I thought it strange. The card had six stamps on it—that’s how far away she was vacationing. Six stamps for one piece of card stock; ridiculous.

I turned the card over and rolled my eyes at all the scribbles on the back. She always had a tendency to ramble, even when she was writing. Without even reading it, I assumed she was writing to me to gloat. She was on vacation and I wasn’t. It was as simple as that. But no, that wasn’t the case. She was writing to me because she was having a miserable time.

Now she had my attention.

I sat down at the kitchen table with the post card in one hand and a cup of iced coffee in the other. I sipped my caffeine wondering why she would feel the need to complain to me. She was always trying to get ahead of me in life, always trying to be better. I would think she would have lied about her vacation just to make it seem as though she was having a better week than I was.

This place is terrible! Awful! Horrific!

Oh, aside from the rambling, did I mention that she was a total drama queen?

The view from my hotel room is a brick wall! A brick wall, can you believe that? Why on Earth would they offer with a room without a nice view? And that’s not even the worst part—there are bugs everywhere! You should have seen the spider I sent spiraling down the shower drain this morning. Then there were more spiders and other bugs all over the place. I didn’t get one wink of sleep last nice because I was so itchy. I’m praying I’m itchy because of fear of the bugs and not because some bugs bit me and gave me a disease.

            I found myself grinning at the end of the paragraph. She should have done her research before booking the hotel. That was nobody’s fault but her own. Plus, I knew she was probably itchy out of fear. She always blew everything out of proportion.

The hotel doesn’t even accept my credit card. I had to pay with cash. I didn’t have enough so I had to write the rest of the bill out on a check. Now my bank account is broke. How am I going to get home? How am I going to be able to afford a plane ticket? I was going to come straight home, but now I can’t. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

            I chuckled at her being stuck there. Again, if she had done her research the she would have been fine. Besides, she seemed to have enough money to buy a post card and six stamps at least.

This is entirely your fault! I can’t believe you suggested this place to me. You probably knew it was awful here. You owe me some money after this one!

And there it was: the reason she wrote to me. It wasn’t because she thought I would actually be interested in hearing about her vacation. It wasn’t because she was having a great time and wanted to rub it in my face. It was because she was blaming her life’s woes on me.

I ripped up the post card and tossed it in the trash. What else was new?

Words: 617

Halfway Done


I always tell myself l’m going to blog everyday during NaNo and then l never do.

My goal for Camp is the standard 50,000 words, but instead of writing 1,613 words a day l try to write 2,000 words a day. This helps me get ahead quicker if l skip a day or two. Plus, it’s an even number. Honestly, that was the main reason l decided to write 2k a day.

I skipped writing pretty much all week. Between homework and lack of motivation, l just didn’t feel like it. But, like every other NaNo session, l thought l could afford to skip a few days because l was all ready “so much ahead.” Well, l ended up getting myself a lot behind and it took me three days to catch up.

According to NaNo l should be at 24,000-something. I think the number is closer to 25k. According to my 2k a day, l’m supposed to be at 30k.

Today l sat my butt in my chair and wrote from 8AM up until 7PM. I had a few breaks here and there (the longest being a Dick Van Dyke episode). Then my cousins came over and wanted to play Clue. That game took about two hours…no lie.

So l should have hit 30k way sooner than 11-ish hours of writing. But l did it. I hit 30k.

I’m at the top of page 101 on my novel, too. I love breaking 100 pages.

Good luck to those particpating in Camp! We’re halfway through the month…we can do it!

Short Story Sunday #16


Start With: New Year’s resolutions make me…

            New Year’s resolutions make me want change. They make me want to better myself. I don’t always give myself a new resolution each New Year and when I do, I never follow through with it. For the month of January (and maybe February) I will bring my resolution into action, but it never lasts long. I always say I’m going to be more active and more social, but instead I find myself on the couch in front of my favorite TV show.

Ever since I dropped out of high school I haven’t been able to keep in touch with my friends. I never saw them during the day (as they were all in school) and now that they’ve graduated, they’ve all gone off to college and I’m still sitting on my couch. I thought about going to college, I really did. Yet, the time, effort, and money I had to put into it just didn’t seem realistic to me. It was sort of the reason I dropped out of high school when I was 16. It was a waste of my time. College would not only waste my time, but I would have to pay for it as well. Nope, that wasn’t going to happen.

Some of my friends stayed local and went to college here while a few went away to new states. And I only know this because of Facebook. Those friends I do not stay in touch with at all. My local friends are always busy with homework or they have a job. I kind of gave up on trying to get them to come over or go out somewhere because of this. One friend has the morning shift at her work and the other has the night shift. Yet, on Facebook, there are plenty of pictures of them hanging out together. How do they find the time?

Sure, I’ve been invited to go out with them a few times here or there, but they were always doing something I didn’t want to do. For example, they would be heading to the movies to see a film that looked stupid. Or maybe they were just going to a coffee shop just to talk. One time, I actually caved in and went to a coffee shop with them and you know what one of my friends said to me?

“Joan, look! There’s a sign that says they’re hiring. Why don’t you put in an application?”

What, did my mother put her up to that one? That was the last time I saw and spoke to that friend. She never did figure out why, either. She called me a few times here and there trying to get in touch, but I never responded. Eventually the calls stopped and now I only know what’s going on in her life because of social media. I guess she gave up on me.

Another friend I don’t really talk to anymore actually told me I needed to “grow up.” Seriously? Just because she graduated from high school and was getting some fancy degree at a university and that she had a well-paying job in some field she absolutely loved, didn’t mean she was an adult and I was still a child. Yes, I sleep in until noon on an almost daily basis, but I wake up super early on Saturdays! …Well, sure it’s because cartoons are on, but what’s it to her?

I looked to the TV and the news was counting down until the New Year. Five seconds left.

I looked at the vacant seats on either side of me in my living room. I sighed.

Four seconds left.

I slouched down on the couch. I was alone, but that was nothing new.

Three seconds.

I wondered what my friends were doing for the New Year.

Two seconds.

I bet they were doing something stupid. Something I wouldn’t be interested in, anyway.

On second thought, New Year’s resolutions make me want to gag.

Words: 662

*Prompt from The Write-Brain Workbook by Bonnie Neubauer*

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2014


“I’m playing Mario Kart 8… Don’t bug me.” –Lilah Williams

It’s that time of year again and we’re all ready three days in! As you all know, I edited my novel Detective Florence last month in preparation for NaNo so I could write the sequel: Detective Florence 2. Yes, it was July 1 when I realized I don’t have any decent titles for these novels. Which is strange because I usually come up with a title and then base a plot off of that. These novels are different for some reason. But…that’s something to think about later. As of right now I need to worry about hitting 50,000 words.

I haven’t written yet today, but I made it up to 5,012 words in the past two days. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know I had a late start on day one. I was babysitting my cousins and Kris opened at her work. I wanted to wait for Kris so we could have a writing session together. She hasn’t written yet today either, but I think she only needs to write another 200 words or something in order to be on par for today. She wrote extra yesterday.

For day two we went to Barnes & Noble to write. We had Starbucks which was fabulous as always. That’s when I hit 5,012 words and Kris…I forget her word count, but I think she’s around 2800–something. Her word count goal is 25,000, so she’s actually ahead of the game.

Kris is still sleeping (she did the over-night at her work last night), but when she wakes up we’re probably going to have another writing session in the blue room, as some people call it. Kris and I sometimes call it our office because it makes us sound important.

I also got our friend Nickie into doing Camp this session, as well. She had never heard of NaNo before this. So hopefully I had a good idea in asking her to join in on the fun!

I hope everyone else is doing just as well in NaNo so far–remember, keep writing every day even if you’re ahead. The more words, the better.

Short Story Sunday #15

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I decided to do something a bit different today, as a suggestion from Kris. I finished editing the first draft of Detective Florence today (Yay!) so I figured I would post a quick excerpt from the novel on here as my Short Story Sunday. Here you’ll get a little taste of George’s personality. I hope you all enjoy!

I opened the door wide making an awful creaking sound. The wood certainly needed some oil, but when I looked up and noticed the entire bar had quieted down and was staring at me standing in the doorway, I quickly realized why they left the creak. Wouldn’t a simple bell have sufficed?

Walking further into the bar, I heard the door slam shut behind me causing me to flinch. I kept my cool smiling and nodding to everyone I passed as I made my way to the counter. The deeper I walked into the bar, the more people began to speak again. I wasn’t quite sure if they were talking about me or if they were just getting back on with their lives. I hoped the latter.

“Who are you?”

I faced forward. I was too busy checking out my surroundings in the bar; the exits, how many people were in the building, and I definitely wanted to see if I could catch any sight of Naomi or Mitch. However, when a deep booming voice spoke above my head, I was broken out of my thoughts. I stretched my neck all the way back to look at this tall, bulky man right in my face.

This man had to be at least seven feet tall–that may or may not be an exaggeration–and I could have sworn the muscles on his arms had their own muscles. His face was fixated on a frown. If he held that expression for a long period of time he was going to give himself wrinkles.

“I said,” he leaned closer to me, his voice a little more threatening now. “Who are you?”

“Uh, George,” I blinked at him with wide eyes; my neck still arched all the way back. It was beginning to hurt.

“George what?” he growled.

“Williams,” I choked on my own words. “George Williams.” I wasn’t sure why I gave him Lilah’s name instead of my own, but I didn’t want anyone to suspect me of being a detective. Bars don’t like the law enforcement to be hanging around their facility.

“What brings you around here?” the bouncer stood up taller now and folded his big arms over his chest. He was still staring down at me, but his gaze was softer as well as his tone of voice.

“I was just walking by and saw this place.” I shrugged trying to keep it cool. “I have never been in here before, so I decided to give it a try.”

The bounced nodded, and then nodded to the bartender behind the counter.

“Would you like to see my identification?” I smirked while waving my wallet in front of him.

The bouncer chuckled as he returned back behind the counter locking the gate. “We onlt card people we believe to be under 21 years of age. We can tell you are much older.”

“Much older?” I repeated offended. “I’m 30.”

The bouncer shrugged. He didn’t care, but I was still disappointed. I put my wallet away and sat down at the counter. I continued to look around the room to see if I could find any sign of Naomi or Mitch. If neither one of them were here now, I was hoping one of them would show up before I left.

I felt a sharp poke on the back of my head. I turned around, rubbing my head and glared at the bartender, who was now pointing to all the drink behind him.

“That was rude; you could have just asked me what I wanted.” I snarled.

The bouncer glowered at me. “Hey, he’s a mute.”

“Oh,” I smiled apologetically at the bartender, who didn’t seem one bit amused. Someone could have told me. I said this was my first time being here, after all. “I’ll have a water.”

I noticed the bouncer and bartender exchanged puzzled expression, but I turned back around in my seat to scope out all the other tables in the room.

“Buddy, you do realize you’re in a bar, right?” the bouncer once again broke me out of my thoughts.

“Yes,” but I didn’t bother to turn back around to face him again.

“And all you want is water?”

“I don’t drink alcoholic beverages.” I replied.

“But you’re in a bar!” he protested.

“What do you care?” I finally turned to face him. “I’m a paying customer, so it shouldn’t matter what I order.”

“Water is free.” the bouncer growled.

“Oh,” I rubbed the back of my neck. “Well, what do you have that does not contain any alcohol?”

The bartender and bouncer exchanged certain looks again. The bartender then turned back to me and pointed to one part of the menu hanging above his head.

“Soda…” I read. “That’s carbonated and has caffeine. No thank you.” I politely declined with a smile.

“You have to buy something or you’re not getting anything at all.” The bouncer glared at me.

“How about I pay you for the seat I’m sitting in? Is five dollars reasonable?” I began to fish through my wallet.

“Get out. Now.” the bouncer took a step forward pointing to the door.

I immediately jumped out of my seat and began to head towards the exit. I didn’t want to cause any trouble and I knew the bouncer would have me beat in an instant. I looked over my shoulder to make sure he wasn’t following me. He wasn’t, but he was still keeping a close watch on me until I left the building.




Write A Lot

I know everyone is different, but according to my calendar today is the first day of summer! I’m super excited. Although, we didn’t really have much of a spring because winter kept trying to come back. Poor spring.

Anyway, yesterday was my last day of work. I’m going to miss the teachers I worked with and also the kids…although some kids I will not miss. Yet, I’ll see the majority of them in September.

But now I can officially work on my reading and writing goals. I don’t have to spend 4-6 hours a day at work, my mornings are free! The family I babysit for only needs me three days next week and three days the last week of august (when I usually watch them the whole summer) so that frees up some time. I still have my sister’s bridal shower to plan, my cousins to hang out with, and Disney to go to, but D will have way more time to write then I usually do over the summer.

This is great because I always lose the July session of CampNaNoWriMo. I’m usually babysitting every single day, sometimes double in one day. Then I have homework. I still have homework, but the classes aren’t bad and I’ve been able to do my homework pretty quickly and easily.

As long as I stick to my yet-to-be-written outline, write every single day, and give my novel undivided focus and attention, then I should be good to go for the July camp.

I’m almost done with editing Detective Florence. I have about 70 pages left. Then I can start my outline for the sequel. I’m super excited about these novels. I can’t wait to get started on camp this year. It’ll be a good one!

Looking For Cabin Mates!



As we all know Camp NaNoWriMo starts up again for the July 2014 session in less than a month! However, it’s back with a little twist.

There is a cabin feature on Camp NaNo where participants can gather, chat, and encourage each other with their writing. All in all it’s just a great way to make new friends.

Well, they’ve now added private cabins. Instead of suggesting someone to be in your cabin and then maybe getting in the same one, you can start a private cabin and invite specific people to join. If they accept the invitation then they’re automatically in the same cabin as you. The best part is that you don’t need to wait for the NaNo people to assign the cabins. The private ones begin as soon as you have someone in a cabin with you.

I wanted to see how this worked, so I decided to create one. It’s looking pretty sad at the moment because it’s just me, Fiery_Sapphire, and Kris, Winged_Spirit.

So I am sending out a message to all my NaNo/WordPress friends…if you are participating in Camp next month and would like the have the pleasure of having Kris and me as cabin mates, then please let me know. Give me your user-name and I will send you a cabin invitation through Camp NaNo.

We need more friends. :)

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