Editing Day

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I edited 50 pages today. That’s a lot (for me) in one day. I did ten pages at a time taking breaks in between. These breaks consisted of me reading or playing my new Ninja Turtles video game. Or…chasing my real turtle, cat, and dog. I had all three of them in my office with me wanting to play each time l sat down to edit. They slept when l was on my own break. They’re good helpers, aren’t they?

I also worked a bit on my Popular Fiction contest for Writer’s Digest today. The deadline is the 15th, so l have to get going on that. I decided to write a short story based off of my Short Short Sunday #18. I revised and edited what l wrote so far and figured out some characters and such. Tomorrow l’ll have to actually write it and see how that turns out.

Tomorrow is also the first day of school, so l’m not sure if l’m going to be able to get as much editing done. It’s only the first day, so l’m not going to have a mountain of homework, but l still have to keep checking on the website. I hope to get a lot done, though.

Only time will tell.

I’m A Big Kid Now


I turned 21 today. So, l guess that makes me more of an adult than a big kid, huh?

I don’t feel like an adult and l don’t really think l want to be an adult even though l’ve had the adult responsibilities for quite a few years now. I have been able to get myself to go to school full-time, l have a full-time job, l stay out of trouble, and (my personal favorite) l have bills. I’m cheap; l’ll admit that. But when you’re paying for school out of your own pocket and have other bills to pay, it helps to be extremely careful with money.

So, l am an adult. Mentally, however, is a different story.

For my birthday l got Disney puzzles, Disney movies, Ninja Turtle episodes and a video game, and the two Hobbit movies and the Lego Hobbit video game. I also got a pretty bag from Thirty-One for work and also a book on Forensics for research for Detective Florence. Yes, l am officially an adult.

21 is one of those “milestone” birthdays. I can officially drink now that l’m an adult. Of course, that doesn’t really excite me.

A lot of people asked what l was doing today (mainly asking what l was going to get for my first drink) and l told them all the same thing: nothing.

I stayed home all day today and got a lot of editing done on Detective Florence. It was great. School starts on Wednesday so l know l’m not going to have a lot of time to write and/or edit. So today and tomorrow needs to be spent getting as much done as l can.

Most people have a big birthday bash for their 21st, but l prefer low key. My mom’s side of the family came over to celebrate yesterday. My parents, sister, and l are going out to dinner Thursday night.

It was a good day. Needless to say, I’m more than happy.

Short Story Sunday #23

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Goal: 700-800 Words

Hailey stared at Lindsay with a raised eyebrow. Her emerald eyes shifted between her friend’s coffee cup and her friend. Three, four, five… Hailey counted in her head. Would Lindsay ever put the spoon down and just take a sip of her hot beverage?

“You put way too much sugar in there.” Hailey said in astonishment as Lindsay scooped up her sixth spoonful of sugar and dumping it into her mug. The liquid looked as though it was going to pour over the rim if she added any more.

“You don’t put enough.” Lindsay stated in a calm tone. She smirked at her friend while stirring the spoon inside her 12 oz porcelain mug. She tapped the edge of the spoon on the cup’s rim and then set it down in the kitchen sink.

Hailey winced as she watched Lindsay take a gulp of her drink. Steam still raised out of the mug which was why Hailey was waiting to drink her own coffee. Yet, if Lindsay could put six tablespoons of sugar in her drink, then the burn most likely wasn’t bothering her.

It was eight o’clock in the morning and Hailey was stifling a yawn. She was usually able to wake up on her own pretty well in the morning. She didn’t drink coffee much like her friend did, but she was having a cup now because Lindsay had forced it upon her.

Lindsay sighed happily after placing her mug down back down on the counter. She picked the spoon out of the sink, rinsed it, and tossed it into the dishwasher. The spoon was the only object sitting in there. It would have been better to just hand wash it.

With Lindsay’s back turned, Hailey peered into Lindsay’s mug and her eyes grew wide. Lindsay had all ready drunk about half of her coffee. Her eyes shot over to the coffee pot and that was still half full as well. Hailey was sure this wasn’t going to be her friend’s only cup this morning.

“What are you looking at?” Lindsay picked up her mug breaking Hailey out of her thoughts. She took another swig of her coffee not taking her eyes off of Hailey.

“Where did you get these mugs?” Hailey raised hers a little higher examining it.

It was pearly white with red and pink flowers and green leaves and vines curling and swirling around the bottom edges. It made the flower designs look complete. The mugs shined brightly as though they had never been used before. If that was the case, Hailey could only imagine the brown coffee stains that would take over the inside and rim of the mugs soon enough.

“They were my grandmother’s.” Lindsay replied curtly. She too held up her mug to examine it. “Pretty, isn’t it? I guess they used to be her great-great grandmother’s or something like that. The mugs kept getting passed down. It’s a set of four and there’s another set of four, but they look different. They’re similar, but they have seashells on it and things like that.”

“Wow,” Hailey stared at her mug more amazed than she was before. “Honestly, I’m kind of surprised that they’re still around after all these generations.”

Lindsay sighed, “Yeah, most people get jewels or something of the like passed down to them. Nope, I get mugs.”

“Well, your entire family drinks coffee as though it’s water. So it makes sense.” Hailey suppressed a laugh.

“I guess so.”

“I’m curious as to how you and all your grandmothers managed to keep them so clean.” Hailey took another sip of her coffee. She quit coffee a long time ago and she forgot how wonderful it tasted.

“Oh, they’ve never been used.” Lindsay said with a shrug. She poured more coffee from the pot into her mug. She held up the pot looking at her friend. “Did you want anymore?”

“No thanks,” Hailey shook her head. Her mug was still a little over half full.

“Okay,” Lindsay poured the rest into her mug, “I’m going to make another pot anyway in case you change your mind.”

“Um,” Hailey ignored her as she peered into her own cup, “why haven’t these been used, may I ask?”

“Oh, they’re really special. Collectibles or something like that,” Lindsay replied nonchalantly. “They’re worth a ton of money if they’re not used. That’s why they’ve never been used, but only passed down to the grandchildren. It’s because family is worth more than money… something like that.”

“Makes sense,” Hailey nodded with a sigh, “except in your case, coffee is more important than money.”

“True that,” Lindsay smirked. She picked up another spoon and began to count out her spoonfuls of sugar.

Words: 782

Saturdays and Contests

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Saturday is probably the most favored day of the week by people. Monday through Friday are typical work days for most and Sundays just mean the weekend is over.

For me, I love Saturdays because they are probably the most productive day of the week for me. Every other Saturday, at the very least.

I’ve gotten myself into a pretty good routine. Every other Saturday is cleaning day for me. I clean my office (organizing things, dusting, vacuuming, the works) and do the same to my bedroom. I clean the bathroom, I wash my bed sheets, vacuum the stairs, and clean the fish and/or turtle tank if they need to be done. I usually have a TV show playing in the background to keep myself company. Then I take a shower and then write or edit for the rest of the day.

Today I got a lot of writing done. I wrote the next two Short Story Sunday posts and I continued to type up my edited first draft of Detective Florence. Due to my Disney vacation, I got way behind on that. I’m probably going to be working on that off and on for the rest of the night.

I also brainstormed a bit on something else. Writer’s Digest’s Popular Fiction contest is here and the early-bird deadline is less than a month away. I always tell myself I’m going to do it every year and then I never do. This time, I have three ideas for it. I’m not sure which I want to go with. I think you can send in multiple submissions, but I’m not entirely sure. So, I want to go with one for now… plus, there’s an entry fee.

The Popular Fiction contest is a short story contest of 4,000 words or less. The deadline is October 15, 2014 with an entry fee of $25. The early-bird deadline is September 15, 2014 with an entry fee of $20. As you can see, the early-bird is cheaper. The story needs to be one of six categories: romance, horror, crime, science fiction, young adult, or thriller.

I have an idea for romance, crime, and young adult. The young adult one is already written. It just needs fixing up. The crime one already has characters (meaning Detective Florence), and the romance one is based off of my Short Story Sunday #18.

So, I don’t know. Time is running out, though. I know I technically have until October, but it would be nice to save five dollars. ;)

How Do You Describe A Book?



Books open your mind. They broaden your horizons. They expand your vocabulary.

Books bring you to a whole new world. They give you a sense of adventure. They make you laugh, cry, and send chills and tingles up and down your spine.

Books unleash your inner creativity. They give your imagination a run for its money.

So answer me this: why are there people who do not like to read?

Reality Checks In



Yesterday we arrived home around 1:30 in the afternoon. It was good timing. But, when I say “home” I mean my cousins’ house. Kris and I waited there for two hours for our uncle to pick us home on his way home from work to bring us home. After traffic we didn’t get back to our own home until about 4:30. It was a long day and I was tired, needless to say.

When we walked into the house we were greeted warmly by our mother and father and our dog Chip was ecstatic. Hunter pretended he didn’t care, but he kept going through our luggage and meowing at us. He’s been following me around this morning. Raph came right out of her box house when she saw me, which made me feel good. Mikey… well, he’s a fish. He came to the front of his tank, but he was most likely just swimming or looking for food.

After discussing the trip with my parents and showing them photos and souvenirs we bought them, I sat on the couch for a few hours before turning in early. I slept well, but I had to get up early this morning because I have to babysit soon. Why I agreed to babysit the day after my Disney vacation is beyond me. Kris was smart and took today off from work pretending she was just getting home today. I should have done that.

So I woke up at about 7:30 this morning. I rolled out of bed trying not to squish Chip in the process and then proceeded to make a small tent with my blankets. When Chip has the bed to herself, she likes to be under the covers. So, when I have to ditch her in the morning I try to make her a fort of some kind. Sometimes she stays, sometimes she doesn’t. It’s been over an hour now and she’s still sleeping under there.

I went down to the kitchen, made myself a cup of coffee, took out a pea from the freezer to feed Mikey (he got sick a few weeks ago so I have to feed him peas now), went into my office, opened the blinds and one of the windows, turned on my computer, fed Mikey, woke Raph up and took her out of her tank, and then I sat down at my computer to blog, surf the web, sip at my coffee, etc.

While waiting for my computer to finish loading, I felt as though I had never left. The routine I just described is the same thing I do every single morning. It’s going to continue to be that way because work starts in a week and a half. The only difference will be that I’ll be waking up about an hour earlier to do it all.

School starts a week from today, work starts a week from Monday, and Sunday school starts on a Sunday in September (I’m the director now and I have no idea when the first day is going to be… great, huh?). Not to mention I have to babysit today, tomorrow, and Friday. My cousins start back to school a week from Thursday and I have to get them ready because I have to drive one of them on my way to work. I also have to find time to write in all of this, as well.

I write better in the morning, but I have to be at work by eight. I have to drive my cousin to school which means I have to leave a little earlier than usual. If I want to write in the morning then I’m going to have to wake up at four in which case I would have to go to bed at about seven or eight. I’ll probably end up writing at night or in the afternoon after work, but then I’ll be tired from the day and then when am I going to get my homework done?

Listen to me ramble on. It truly is like I never left. I’m immediately back to my old routine that has never changed and I’m back to my old ways of thinking… or worrying.

One thing I failed to mention was the fact that I’m sipping my coffee out of the brand new mug I bought myself in Disney. It has the picture of Peter Pan on it and it says “Never grow up.” This reminds me that I did in fact go on vacation and that it wasn’t just a dream. I did get my break from reality, even though it doesn’t seem like it. My break lasted 11 days (granted four were spent in the car…) and through that my biggest and only concern was that I wanted to meet Peter Pan. And I did.

So, yes I do have a lot on my plate. I have a lot to think about and to worry about (even though I worry over nothing most of the time). The summer will be officially over sooner rather than later. It’s sad, but it was the same amount of time I get every summer. It just went by too fast, which is always how it goes.

I turn 21 in less than a week, so unfortunately for Peter Pan (and myself), I’m growing up. I never wanted to grow up (and I still don’t), but age is but a number and considering the fact that I cried after I met Peter Pan, I’m going to say I’m still a kid at heart and that is one thing I hope will never change.

I hate homework, but I’m excited for my classes this upcoming semester. Depending on the professors, I should have a good experience with school this time around. I’m starting a new job in a place I love surrounded by awesome people. While the kids can drive me nuts, they’re great as well and I enjoy their company. Directing the Sunday school will be a challenge, but it’s something I always wanted to do ever since I myself was in Sunday school. I may not be ready, but I’m willing to get through it. I’ll be writing every moment I can now that I told myself what I wanted to accomplish with my writing for the next few months.

So, I guess if it’s something you love and you want it, growing up isn’t all that bad. But, as I stated earlier, my mentality is growing up, but not my heart. I guess you really can have the best of both worlds.


Going Home



Today l’m leaving this beautiful place. I was lucky to stay seven full days this time whereas last time we only stayed five full days. Yet, l still feel as though we didn’t have nearly enough time.

I filled up my autograph book. There were still a few characters l wanted to see, but we saw and met a lot; a lot more than our last visit to Disney. Plus we got all the princesses (except Pocahontas). So, in that sense l guess there’s not much else to do.

I bought a lot of stuff for myself. I got a mug and a tumbler cup. The mug is of course Peter Pan and the tumbler is Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney together which is really cute.

Other than that l got a pack of three Tinkerbell notebooks and four novels. Yep. Books, notebooks, and cups. My three favorite things.

I have to hop in the car soon. I’ll be home tomorrow afternoon. Then l have to babysit for the rest of the week, school starts next week, work starts the week after that, and sunday school will start up again one of those sundays.

Back to reality.

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